Free Education

Free Education and Scholarship for Poor Children / Students in Ahmedabad

At present I am associated with two places where we are providing Free Education for 1st Standard to SSC for children coming from economically weaker section of the society. More than 200 children are getting free education through

Dada Dadi ni Vidhya Parab
"Dada Dadi ni Vidhya Parab"

Bhudarpura Footpath Shala
"Bhudarpura Footpath Shala".

These children are studying in Gujarati medium schools (mostly government run Municipality schools).

We are also providing Scholarships for college education to Brilliant students as per some decided criteria. We also train Gujarati medium students in English to make them capable to compete for higher education.

"Jyot se Jyot Jalate Chalo..." - As one lamp kindles another lamp, Shiksha should be spread from one person to another one. In Return to the given scholarships, we expect our beneficiary students to come forward to help other students to satisfy their dream of higher education.

Scholarships through North South Foundation, USA
I have started representing NSF,USA to give Scholarships to needy students in Gujarat.NSF offers scholarships for students who have gained admission to professional courses like Engineering, Medical, Dental, Nursing, Polytechnic, B.Sc (Agri), B.Pharm, B.V.Sc, etc. in government(or govt. aided) colleges. NSF supports students through their entire course of study as long as he or she maintains a good grade point average.To find out more details please click here for more details.

Future Plans:

If we get more funds then we can benefit many students for higher education. Please feel free to Contact us for more details for Scholarships/Fees we have provided to the students, their Progress Reports and further requirements to Benefit more students.

Free Coaching through DVDs

We want to reach to more needy students living in different places of Gujarat. Private tuition are too costly for poor and middle class students so we can arrange Free tuition classes using DVDs. If anyone wants to help poor students of their area/city/town for Free tuition, then please contact us. You just have to spare a small room for few hours and need a TV/DVD player or a Computer. We will give tuition DVDs of different subjects prepared by experienced teachers. You just play the DVDs and monitor the students. Let them learn themselves. We will make arrangements for taking their performance tests etc. We can start this initially with SSC students.
At present few such coaching centers are started by Dada Dadi ni Vidhya Parab. DVDs are given to Swami Vivekanand Vidhya Vihar of Borvav village in the Sasan Gir Forest of Junagadh, Gujarat. 2 schools are selected from the remote area of Khavada, Banni desert - Kutchh. Khavada is near the border of India-Pakistan. One school is Maulana Azad highschool. They even don't have teachers for all the subjects! DVDs are also given to one more school in Khavada. The students are very happy and they feel like they are studying in some tuition classes of Ahmedabad!! Recently DVDs are given to Rahe Khair Girls school, Khamasa, Ahmedabad.

Free Coaching through Virtual Class room

We also plan to Expand the horizon to reach to more students by taking advantage of Internet technology. We can plan to start something like a Virtual Class room for HSC students (11,12) - We can arrange for On line Conversation of Teachers - Students to guide students to solve queries (Initially Monthly / Bimonthy / More in last 2 months before final exams. Then Weekly). We can arrange for both Science and Commerce stream students. We will use Online Chat Services (Gmail, Yahoo etc) for such conversation. Through Virtual class room, it will be possible to provide free tution to HSC students living any where in Gujarat. Teacher can also teach from anywhere in the world. RECORD each training session to prepare VIDEOs and put on the site so anyone can download. Volunteering teaching is Welcome. Skilled teachers (if skilled teachers are not available, then anyone capable to teach HSC students) should volunteer for this cause

- Tushar Anjaria
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