Selfless Workers

Know some people who are doing very noble Social Activities in Gujarat. They are not a part of some big organizations or trusts but they are doing their best on individual basis to bring a change in the society:

Khimajibhai Prajapati of Mehsana himself is a beggar! He survives on whatever he gets from begging but still he manages to save some small amount daily. He provides school dresses to the poor disabled students from this small savings!! Perhaps there will be very rare people like him who are so poor but helps others like this.

Nanuma Prajapati is a 70 years old poor lady living in the slums of Vadaj. She survives from a little income by selling Matakas (earthen pots). She allows to use her small house to run an Aanganwadi (kinder garden for the slum children). She has prepared a will to donate her small house to Manav Sadhana Trust to run the Aanganwadi so such noble activity will be continued even after her death! A very big donation from such a poor old woman!

Hemantbhai Patel is providing free of charge food to relatives of the poor patients at VS Hospital Ahmedabad. He is living at Madalpur near the hospital. The patients coming to this hospital are extremely poor and their near ones cannot afford to buy food so Hemantbhai has started this free food service.

Mahant of Ramdevpir temple Ghatlodia Ahmedabad is a different kind of priest. Usually when we think of a temple priest, we may create an image of some selfish person making money by showing God fears to the devotees following blind faith. But this priest serves the society with a mission. He serves free food to the poor. For this holy service, he also involves many people (even those who can't afford to do any such social service due to their weak economic condition). He collects One Roti each from about 250 houses of the nearby locality and serves the poor at the temple. Thus many people also get satisfaction to be a part of this noble activity.

Amarsing Vasava of Bharuch himself is disabled but he does selfless service for the society. He gives free tuition to the poor children at Bharuch's Limadachowk since last 25 years. He runs a small shop from his house. Many of students are in good jobs now but they were coming from very poor families. They might not have reached to their current position without Amarsing's help.

Nitinbhai Prajapati teaches English to slum children of Anand. He uses Pictures, Charts etc to help these children to learn English - a difficult language for them. Nitinbhai runs canteen at Vidhyanagar's college. He also runs classes for professional courses.

Banaskantha's Sitara village is within the forest. One has to walk 10 km in the forest to reach this village. Mustukhan Sukh is a young man having a dream to work at a place where nobody thinks to go. He has studied Social Work from the famous Gujarat Vidhyapith. He has given up all the luxuries of the life at such a young age and has settled in this forest village. Before he went to this village, nobody was going to school. He started teaching the village children. Along with this he also teaches the backward village people to give up bad habits of liquor etc. He has started creating work and earning for the village people. He has started Ship raising with the government help. He has brought solar lights to the village. At present his young wife Muntaz Sukh teaches children while Mustukhan helps people to work and earn by getting government aids. Really Great work indeed by this young couple to work in such a backward forest village by giving up the luxurious life!

Ashok Amin of Pilvai village of Mehsana is a young diploma engineer of 26 years. Since last 2 years he is teaching children in the tribal village Mandav of Dahod. Usually government teachers don't like to go to such remote tribal village. Ashok Amin was daily commuting to this remote village and now he has settled there. He has adopted a unique technique of teaching tribal children by story telling. He plans to cover more tribal villages and help children for education and development through story telling.

Raghubhai Makwana himself is a disabled person. He came to Ahmedabad in search of work and faced many hardships even to get proper meals. He has decided to help aged poor who can't work. He has started free meal service for the aged poor of Ranip Ramapir tekara area of Ahmedabad. Every day he moves around in his special tricycle and provides meal to the aged poor who can't work.

Biren Padhya of Ahmedabad helps poor children living near the railway tracks to fulfill their dream to study at school. He saw these poor children wandering near the track all the day so he decided to arrange schooling for them. He has hired a van to pickup these children to drop at Municipality schools. Today many such children are studying well due to his selfless efforts.

Lady Santa Hansaben Makwana of Ahmedabad brings smile on the faces of hundreds of children during Christmas every year. Once she became Santa for her children and gave gifts to them. Then she decided to become Santa for many other children. Every Christmas she becomes Santa and visits slums, orphanages, municipality schools to give gifts to hundreds of poor children. She also gives gifts to disabled children, blind children and children suffering from cancer, thalassemia. She never takes any donation for this noble work.

Abdulbhai Riksha Driver of Jambusar, Bharuch is helping pregnant women of remote places to reach the hospitals. He is going to remote places where even 108 ambulance cannot reach. He gives free service to the pregnant women and take them to the maternity homes/hospitals of Jambusar, Bharuch or Vadodara. He is helping women of any caste/religion and sets an example of "A True Farista"!

Rameshbhai Bhoi (Surya) Riksha Driver of Surat daily gives free rides to the Blind people. He knows the usual routes where many blind people and blind students commute. He daily makes sure to go to that route and gives free rides to the blind people to reach their destination.

Nishita Rajput, a 21 year young girl of Vadodara is helping poor students to pay fees in a unique way. She meets people and requests to give a cheque of just 1000/- directly in the name of a school where she wants to enroll a poor child. She never collects cash. Once the child is enrolled, she gives the complete family details to the donor. She also distributes school uniforms, school bags, clothes to these children. So far she has managed to enroll 900 children in the schools. Really a Great Achievement indeed!

Chetan Vaghela (Fly High Slums Foundation)an employee at Sardar Patel International Airport Ahmedabad got inspiration from some friends teaching to slums children near IIM Ahmedabad. He approched Gulbai Tekra slums with a group of friends and started meeting parents of the slums children who were doing odd jobs instead of going to school. With hard work of his team, he could convince the parents to send their children to school. This team started Fly High Slums Foundation. They started to give tuition to slums children from one room apartment. Soon the number of children increased. They are daily giving tuition for two hours. They pick brilliant students and arrange to send them in good schools for further education. They also distribute clothes in the winter and other essentials to the slums. They have also started libraries at Municipality schools where mostly slum children are studying. Chetan Vaghela's contact number is 9974435222

Jaldeep Thaker, Ashok Chaudhary and Jitendrabhai are true examples to show how a common man can contribute to change the surrounding world. Jaldeep Thaker studied in Gujarat Vidhyapith and then decided to work in a small village. He has helped people of Pedhamali, Vijapur, Mehsana to come out of bad habits, superstitions and work hard to be on their own. Ashok Chaudhary is working with his wife Rasila in a small village Karutha of Mandali, Surat. They have not opted for a comfortable city life but they are working to provide basic amenities and primary education. Jitendrabhai is working in the slums nearby Rajkot and helping children to come out of bad habits, begging, thefts. He has nurtured more than 1000 slum children and arranged for their education. Now even private colleges are offering him to enroll these students free.

Patan's Sureshbhai Punadiya has dedicated his life for the village Vankanediya of Gandhinagar district. Earlier he used to train people in different villages for Cleanliness, Need of Education etc. Now he is settled in Vankanediya village. He educates children and elders. He is living a very simple Gandhian life. He is not earning but lives on whatever is available from the villagers. This is really a Great, Noble work by a new generation 34 years old youth!

પાટણ જીલ્લાના રવદ ગામના યુવા શિક્ષક શ્રી.હરિભાઈ પટેલ સી.આર.સી કો ઓર્ડીનેટર તરીકે ફરજ બજાવતા ગુજરાતી ભાષા, વ્યાકરણ અને જોડણી શુદ્ધિ માટે ૮ વર્ષથી સ્વ હસ્ત લિખિત ૮ પાનાની પત્રિકા લખીને વિના મૂલ્યે વિતરિત કરે છે.

એમણે વિચાર્યું કે ગુજરાતી ભણાવનાર શિક્ષકને જ જો ગુજરાતી બરાબર ન આવડતું હોય તો પછી શીખનાર ક્યાંથી શીખે? આથી એમને ગુજરાતી ભાષા અને વ્યાકરણને લગતી પ્રવૃત્તિ કરવાનો વિચાર આવ્યો.

સુંદર મરોડદાર અક્ષરમાં લખવામાં આવેલા લેખનમાં એક નાની સરખી ભૂલ જણાય તો પણ આખું પાનું ફરીથી લખે છે. જેમાં ટાઈટલ પેજ, વ્યાકરણ લેખો અને કાવ્યો એમ તમામ પ્રકારની માહિતી સ્વસૂઝથી લખે છે. આ ઉપરાંત બાળકોને ગમી જાય તેવા સરસ જોડકણા તથા કવિતાઓનું સર્જન કરે છે તથા શાળાના બાળકો રચિત ટુચકાઓ, જોડકણાઓ અને બાળકાવ્યોને પણ આ શિક્ષણ ચોપાનિયામાં સ્થાન આપે છે.

શ્રી.હરિભાઈ સાચા અર્થમાં ગુજરાતી વારસો જાળવી રાખવાનો ઉમદા પ્રયાસ કરી રહ્યા છે.

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